Best Buy Geek Squad Salisbury Maryland - Logo borrowed from Geek Squad to show the transition from the old logo to the new. I really like the new logo.

Geek Squad not working out?

My team and I have been in the area since early 2009 providing top notch services to residential clients. The top thing we hear about is how pricey Geek Squad is and how they were confused with the pricing. It is a shame that the top electronics retail store in the United States has such a hard time understanding the needs of the residential user.

How does Crisfield Computer help?

Crisfield Computers has been keeping computers infection free and up to date for years. Even before John came back to the eastern shore of Maryland where his roots are, he worked his whole adult life in the Information Technology field. Our clients are from Ocean City, Maryland to Laurel, Delaware and Salisbury, Maryland to Accomac, Virginia. In 2015 we created a maintenance program that keeps your computers in the office or at home up to date, protected and your data backed up.

Business Services

Managed Services help you keep your business running and keep you in the black. I know that it gets tiring telling customers or clients to bear with you because your computer is slow. No more! When Crisfield Computers is on your side, you don’t have to worry about PC problems as we are a remote connection away. Our team monitors your systems 24 / 7 to ensure they are performing at their peak.

Data Recovery and Backup

Our team keeps your data safe so when disaster strikes, you will barely notice. Keep your systems up in a natural or human disaster. I can’t tell you how many times an employee has hit the delete key and taken down an entire network. IT Professionals will remember the Amazon Web Services outage.

Let’s get started!

Give us a call at Crisfield Computers (410) 968-1750!

John Dize

John Dize is a 15 year veteran of the I.T. Industry. Since 2009, John has operated Crisfield Computers a successful I.T. firm involved in supporting business and residential clients alike. He also maintains a retail presence at Crisfield Computers physical location in Crisfield, MD