Hey guys John Dize again with Crisfield Computers on another session of tech bench. Today we’re going to talk about the Wi-Fi problem that everybody on Windows10 has been having. This update here which is it’s a cumulative update which means a package of a bunch of other stuff. This [update will] update the previously released update so there was one prior to this that was out there that this was supposed to fix but apparently, [but] it didn’t. [I don’t] see anywhere in here that it’s supposed to knock out your Wi-Fi or anything but this is the update that is apparently killing the internet for everybody. You’ll even see here at the top if you’re experiencing issues with connecting to the internet, restart your PC. [Now they are] not admitting they broke it but that’s a pretty good [bit of information to] show that they know something’s going on. Even places like TechWorm over here reporting on it and so on. I mean there’s obviously something going on.

I want to show you the commands that it takes to fix this pretty simple as far as getting it fixed so what we’re going to do is we’re going to go to your keyboard and what I want you to do is hit the Windows key right there between the control and alt key. We’re going to tap that and then your screen is going to come up with the start menu. Just go ahead and start typing the letters C M D and that’s going to bring up the command prompt that we’re going to right click on “run as administrator”. We’re going to choose YES we want to [allow] permission and then you’re going to come up with this black screen. [These are] very simple commands to reset the windsock and IP information we’re going to [type] “netsh winsock reset” once we do that it’s going to say it successfully reset, hopefully. If it doesn’t you might have bigger problems. Don’t restart the computer just yet, we’re going to do one more. [Type] “netsh int ip reset” and this is going to reset all your IP information. It goes through okay all the way to the last one [and] says it failed but don’t worry it still is going to fix your problem from here it says restart.

We are going to restart the computer at that point. It’s [that] simple you’ve already solved the problem after you do that restart.

I did this on a working computer I didn’t have any broke [computers] with all my software installed [for recording] on it so hopefully this helps you guys out. Have a Merry Christmas!

John Dize

John Dize is a 15 year veteran of the I.T. Industry. Since 2009, John has operated Crisfield Computers a successful I.T. firm involved in supporting business and residential clients alike. He also maintains a retail presence at Crisfield Computers physical location in Crisfield, MD

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